anxtream is a financial modeling advisory boutique. We help clients all over the globe to solve problems and reach out to new frontiers by leveraging state-of-the-art spreadsheet models.

We believe in power of models as far as developing business intuition is concerned, for getting at decisions that truly make difference.

Yet, the majority of even professional spreadsheets contain serious errors. At anxtream, we value reliability of the models above all. Working with us, you can rest assured your model is as solid as it can possibly be.

  • Immaculate sheets
    • Good techniques
    • practice-proven and field-tested modeling methodologies
    • End-to-end testing and validation
    • built-in system to detect any troubles in the model
    • Purpose driving the process
    • developing with desired results in mind
  • Proper environment
    • Documentation
    • trace back any input in the model
    • Version control
    • know what you are working with
    • Backups
    • never loose a bit of work
  • Extensive experience
    • Deals of different size
    • from middle market into billions
    • Diverse teams
    • from local to multinational
    • Versatile industries
    • from legacy to cutting edge